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23.616 thoughts on “Tu Mejor Soldado (Studio Session) – Rubén de Lis

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  37. Gee Gee – I think he’s waving at his Gee Gee in that second picture, don’t you?? Savor every minute of this first year….it is so special and so swift! Thanks for the belly shots! I’m lovin you, Teagan, and can’t wait to snuggle with you again!August 11, 2008 – 11:01 pm

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  78. Oh Holly ((hugs)) My thoughts are with you… This was also around the same time of year that we had our second u/s with Freja, and nothing 'abnormal' was seen. I hope that you can find some joy in Christmas, but it must be so hard remembering what last year's was like with the devistating news you had just received. I hope you held Carleigh's blanket extra tight last night. I bought a 'my first Christmas' teddy bear for Freja's grave but I found myself unable to part with it.. so I held onto it the other night while I fell asleep.

  79. Matt Keegan11:44 am on November 27th, 2008 I’m glad that you and your wife were blessed Barry. I agree, it is challenging as well as inspiring. Makes you realize how much work goes into building a solid relationship.

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